Take Back Control

Helping you empower your faith and achieve your wildest dreams.

  • Is your self-critic the main voice you hear?
  • Are you longing for growth, both in your life and in your relationship with God?
  • Are you tired of feeling trapped and unfulfilled with your daily life?
  • Do you beat yourself up for not being who you think you should be?
  • Do you ever feel you are living someone else’s life?

Getting Started

Reach Your Potential

It’s possible to leave behind the insecurity and unsteadiness of your current life. Through my unique coaching style, empowering speeches, mind-opening retreats, and more, you can strengthen your relationship with the Lord and build the life you’ve always wanted. I can help you harness the power of your dreams to reach your health goals, start or expand a business, improve your family or love life, and more. All it takes is a free consultation with me to get started.

About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa

I’m a God-based life coach who works with individuals and groups of all sizes to help them grow spiritually and live the lives they never thought they could. I’ve stood where you’re standing right now – and I found my light and passion in coaching others to reach their full potential. I’ve trained extensively with some of the most renowned institutions in the world, including the Brave Thinking Institute, the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Tony Robbins University, and the 7 Laws of Leadership Mastermind. My unique approach to life coaching will bring you closer to God and to the life you’ve always wanted.

Lisa Phelan

Find Passion & Purpose

I can help you reach your full potential through…

One-On-One & Group Coaching

I take a few private clients per year as my schedule allows.

Weekly Group Bible Studies

Every month, I host a four-week group Bible study that incorporates life coaching alongside the word of God.

Corporate Speaking Events

I can bring your company to the next level through my unique method of strategic planning and vision work.

Motivational Retreats

I am in the process of building out a comprehensive schedule of vision-building retreats in 2024 and beyond.

Everything you’ve dreamed of is possible

Including your ideal relationship with God. Set up a completely free consultation with me today to take the first step.